The Curtain: The Musical

Breakdown of the Music

Breakdown of songs:

Number of songs: 22

Number of different musical themes: 13

Company songs: 8

Solos: 12

Duets: 2

Some songs have multiple soloists as well as company

Breakdown of character songs:

COMPANY: 5 songs

HANS: 2 songs

ANGELIKA: 2 songs

JOSH: 3 songs

ROLF: 3 songs

UNCLE HEINZ: 2 songs

JOSH and ANGELIKA: 2 songs

HANS and ANNETTE and COMPANY: 1 song

Songs by similar thematic material:

The Iron Curtain / May Day Parade / The Berlin Wall / Prepare the Demonstration / Final Statement

Daddy's Little Girl / Reprise 1 / Reprise 2

Hands of Time / Escape

Dreams / Live Your Dream

A Different World

East Berlin

Make a Healthy Car Again / Hello Deutschmarks, Good-Bye Karl Marx

Western Music

Love Song (To be written)

In the Name of Freedom (a cappella) / (in the demonstration)

How Dare You Hold a Candle

Deep in my Heart

Winds of Change (Finale)